Dear Mr. Glynn:

The competitive nature of business frequently makes it difficult to differentiate a business from others offering substantially the same product or service. In such instances it is often the small differences that make a big impact on the customers.

This can be clearly said about Glynn Accounting & Tax Service. Your staff has been very professional and prompt to our special needs. Glynn's experience has assisted me greatly in restructuring our firm. The new accounting system that we installed one year ago has- for the first time- given us accurate information on cost and trends.

As a result, I have totally redesigned our pricing to manufacture our product for out-of-state clients. This resulted in a major price increase. The accounting format that was developed was a major tool in justifying the increase.

I am very appreciative of the professionalism and service provided by Glynn Accounting & Tax Service. The individualized approach to helping your clients is right on target. You have my permission to quote me as a VERY satisfied customer.

Sincerely yours,
RO President


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